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Marc Arnusch Farms: 4 Rivers Campaign

Hannah Long

Colorado agriculture is ever- changing, but these days, practices are evolving quickly.

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Keenesburg, CO

 Colorado agriculture is ever-changing, but these days, practices are evolving quickly. Farmers have to manage their operations a greater detail and speed than ever before. The Arnusch family has been farming in Colorado since the mid-1900s, and it’s safe to say their great-grandparents would be impressed with how far their operation has evolved.

“My name is Marc Arnusch, and this is my family’s farm here in Prospect Valley, Colorado. Today, our operation consists of a little bit over 3000 irrigated acres, and we couldn’t be more proud of it,” explains Arnusch.

The whole family is involved in the operation, and with their dedication to taking advantage of niche markets and technology, their operation has flourished.

“We specialize in seed wheat and seed barley and craft grains for the craft brew and distillery industry in the state. We use a lot of documentation within John Deere. Executing what you do with that data is exactly what I do,” says Brett Arnusch, Precision Ag Specialist of Arnusch Farms.

With high demands from these markets, Brett manages the data that John Deere equipment provides. Field data allows him to take advantage of accurate record-keeping for clients. Brett isn’t alone in is efforts; 4Rivers Equipment has a team of specialists available for him to contact if he runs into questions.

“We work with the technology side of agriculture. Our group is a resource to help integrate that precision technology on equipment with our customers’ daily practices,” says Heath Langmo, Integrated Solutions Specialist at 4Rivers Equipment.

“4Rivers is the go-to spot for a lot of the things that we do on our farm technology-wise,” says Marc.

“4Rivers has been a very, very large help. Numerous times have I called them and not knowing what I was trying to do either on the screen or on my computer, and they’d be able to guide me right through whatever I needed to do,” explains Brett.

Not only are they collecting data, but they are also acting in the field based on results.

“We’re graduating from precision agriculture to decision agriculture,” says Marc.

“Using prescriptive analytics and AI, they can help farmers mitigate their risk, not something that says, “Hey, this is what you need to do,” but gives you option A or option B,” Brett says.

It’s not just about jumping on the technology bandwagon. Arnusch Farms has been able to tell the difference in performance.

“This technology is all set out there to make the growers more efficient and give them better yields, overall, better production,” states Marc.

With technology, there are always learning curves, and that’s why 4Rivers is there to help.

Brett continues, “A lot of the equipment that we run from 4Rivers. By partnering with them, we can ask a lot of technical questions, whether our screens aren’t working right or information isn’t pushing the way that it should. They’re usually there where they could help us out and guide us in the right direction.”

“All of that information is coming at us, and we have to make the right decisions out of that. So we need industry partners like 4Rivers to help us make those right decisions. Today, we pride ourselves on partnering with vendors that help us move the ball forward. That’s why we partner with 4Rivers on our farm,” says Marc.

4Rivers is evolving with farmers’ needs. That means finding the best technology providers and solutions for easy integration on the farm. If you are interested in learning more about technology solutions, check out Furrow Focus here.

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