Arnusch Farms

Artisan Grain

Whether you’re a thriving malthouse, brewmaster, or craft spirits expert, the very best grains are the soul of your art. We understand your needs which is why we have made growing good grain our craft.

Plains Gold Antero

White Winter Wheat


White Ancient Heritage Wheat


2-Row Malting Barley
2-Row Malting Barley

Our Process


The perfect beer starts with the finest grain which is why traditional commodities just don't cut it. We curate our offerings to fit your needs starting with hand picked varieties known for their excellent malting characteristics which are carefully tended to from planting to delivery at your facility.


We burn the midnight oil, so you don't have to. After harvest we work with a third-party grain cleaner who screens out the excess dirt, broken kernels, and foreign material from the grain, so what you receive is ready for production when you need it.


Whether you are a large-scale production facility or a small batch brewer we have packaging options to fit your needs. Our facilities can package into pro boxes, 1000# or 2000# tote bags, or go straight from our bin facilities into a semi-trailer.


Great grain shouldn't be hard to get. We work with a variety of shipping companies to get your grain purchase to you when you need it, how you need it, and for a competitive price. We are as excited to try your final product as you are to try ours.


Christopher Schooley
Troubadour Maltings
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"The best around."​
Casey Cantwell
Cantwell Farms LLC
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"Marc Arnusch Farms has great quality seed coupled with great service."​
Henry Phillips
Phillips Farms
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"Some of the best seed I've ever had."