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National Wheat Yield Contest Winners

National Wheat Yield Contest Winners 2023 National Wheat Yield Contest Winner Bins 211.98 BPA 10/23/2023 | 11:00 AM CDT By  Jason Jenkins , DTN Crops Editor Connect with Jason:  @JasonJenkinsDTN JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (DTN) — Four new individuals earned the title of “Bin Buster” in the 2023 National Wheat Yield Contest. On Monday, the National Wheat Foundation […]

Use Financial Metrics to Make Decisions

Marc Arnusch’s family began growing sugar beets in Colorado’s Prospect Valley in 1952, so when he decided to exit that business five years ago, it left many in his family scratching their heads. “Everybody thought I’d lost my mind, including myself from time to time,” he said. “It became apparent that was not just a […]

Field Posts Podcast: E123

Ep 123 | View from the Cab with Marc Arnusch Since 2005, DTN Progressive Farmer has been selecting two farmers every year from various parts of the country to participate in their annual View from the Cab Project. These farmers spend a full year getting to know DTN’s Pamela Smith as they work through weekly […]

Father and son find the future of farming

WELD COUNTY, Colo. — Marc Arnush inspects his fields around dawn at his family farm near Keenesburg. “This is maybe my most favorite time of the day,” Marc said. “I try to do this three times a week — every crop, every field.” For about three decades, Marc has been doing things a certain way […]

Colorado Agtech Hits Critical Mass

A third-generation Colorado farmer, Marc Arnusch grows barley and other grains on 2,200 acres in the Prospect Valley east of Keenesburg.  His son, Brett, joined Marc Arnusch Farms after he graduated from Colorado State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences in 2018. “We didn’t know if he’d come back to the farm or not,” Arnusch says.  […]

View From the cab: Farmers Race to plant 2022 crops

DECATUR, Ill. (DTN) — Marc Arnusch jokes that he had to get the dictionary out to look up the definition of puddle last week. After a prolonged drought and punishing winds, rain finally settled the dust on his Colorado farm the week of May 8 — at least for the moment. It was a 1-inch […]

View From the Cab Western Farmer Tackles Wind, Water, and Weather Challenges

DECATUR, Ill. (DTN) — The winds have been howling ominous warnings across Colorado’s Prospect Valley this spring. Marc Arnusch, who farms with his family near Keenesburg, has already destroyed some fields of drought-withered winter wheat and barley. Last week, gale-force winds toppled the tower that transmits global positioning information to the tech-savvy farm. Arnusch is […]

The fight over water rights in the High Plains

Commissioner Kate Greenberg, Colorado Department of Agriculture: “At the Colorado Department of Agriculture we are eyes wide open that we are dealing with, with a real climate crisis. And agriculture is among the first impacted.” Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture Kate Greenberg is well aware that this climate crisis has impacted farmers in the eastern part […]

Rethink Fall N In Wheat Are We Overfeeding Wheat Fall Nitrogen Applications?

OCKVILLE, Md. (DTN) — With nitrogen supplies tight and costs skyrocketing, there’s never been a better year to take advantage of wheat’s minimal fertilizer needs in the fall. Take it from Marc Arnusch, a Colorado farmer who discovered he was overfeeding his wheat crop with nitrogen, in an effort to get the crop up and […]