Arnusch Farms

Farmers Welcome Warmer Weather as Planting Races Ahead

5/21/2021 | 11:44 AM CDTPlanting has sped ahead on Arnusch Farms in northeast Colorado after a much-needed dose of rainfall eased drought conditions. After a cool start to the month, farmers have made rapid planting progress this May. (Photo courtesy of Marc Arnusch)ROCKVILLE, Md. (DTN) — May’s chilly start wasn’t welcomed by many this spring. […]

How Do You Win the National Yield Contest?

NOVEMBER 9, 2020 How Do You Win the National Wheat Yield Contest? Taking the top prize at the National Wheat Yield Contest (NWYC) is no easy feat. Growers face uncertain conditions at the beginning of the season. But, bringing in a record-setting yield comes with many rewards, and for a select few growers, they can […]

Marc Arnusch Farms: 4 Rivers Campaign

Colorado agriculture is ever- changing, but these days, practices are evolving quickly. Marc Arnusch Farms | Growing You Stronger Keenesburg, CO  Colorado agriculture is ever-changing, but these days, practices are evolving quickly. Farmers have to manage their operations a greater detail and speed than ever before. The Arnusch family has been farming in Colorado since […]

Rethink Fall N In Wheat

Like many, Arnusch has long known nitrogen was important to help winter wheat emerge and start tillering in the fall to maximize yield potential. ROCKVILLE, Md. (DTN) — Gambling across the table from Mother Nature each year has taught Colorado farmer Marc Arnusch a hard, but valuable lesson: Don’t play your cards too early. “We’re […]