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LCS Odyssey is a 2-row spring barley variety with incredible top end yield potential and medium stature. This variety is cereal cyst nematode resistant, highly water use efficient, and 98% plump and greater on 6/64. LCS Odyssey is adapted to grow in an amazing 18 state area and offers many traits maltsters desire. Recommended seeding rate is 95-105#/acre.

Group 14

Our Process


Who better to purchase barley seed from than a farmer? We understand what it takes to grow a premier crop and maintain our bottom line. Therefore, we work with the best genetics companies to offer varieties that perform every time while having characteristics your customers need for their product.


Meticulous attention is given to the seed during our cleaning process. We work with an excellent grain conditioning company to make sure our seed is pure and free of debris to ensure planting goes smoothly. After cleaning, all seed is tested to make sure it meets stringent purity and germination standards.


You wouldn't enter a construction site without a hard hat, so don't let your seed go unprotected into the field. We have our own treatment facility where we can apply one of several seed treatment options to your wheat or barley seed to protect against certain seedborne and seedling diseases, insects, and promote early plant growth.

Packaging & Delivery

Our seed warehouse facility offers treatment and packaging in a variety of options including tote bags, pro boxes, 50# sacks, and bulk orders. We work with a network of independent truckers and freight companies we trust to ship your seed across the United States with care and efficiency.